Jackson Limo Foundation


Jackson Limo Foundation

40 years and counting...
"Nothing is more comforting than family enjoying a Thanks giving meal together at home." - E.J. Jackson

Jackson Limousines has been in business for over thirty years. After accomplishing his goals, E.J. still wanted to relieve the suffering of others, so he began Jackson Limo Foundation. He is known in the neighborhood to lend a helping hand, whether it’s giving a job or money for food. It started in 1982, when several seniors approached him about providing food for Thanksgiving. They were not able to afford a turkey on their fixed incomes so he purchased 100 turkeys. The next year he provided 200 turkeys and the following year 500. 34 years later the event has grown to providing 12,000-plus turkeys with groceries, given to seniors, the disabled, veterans, wounded warriors, and people who just need a helping hand to brighten up their holidays. When it comes to giving back to the community, his generosity has no boundaries. It has become his mission to not only give on Thanksgiving, but now all year round.

One of the most grateful senior citizens is Juanita Forbes. At 101 years old, she’s been on a fixed income for a long time. She was not only thrilled to receive a turkey dinner with all the fixings but was treated to a Jackson limousine ride to and from the Turkey Grocery Giveaway. Her friends all call her Miss Juanita, and although at 101 years old, she’s still going strong and plans and hopes to see many more Thanksgiving holidays.

So on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, there are long lines of hope and grateful people, stretching for blocks, waiting patiently to receive a turkey with all the dinner fixings – cornbread, greens, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, fresh produce, cookies, water, and more donated by the Jackson Limo Foundation. And now even more sponsors and organizations help make this event successful, enabling even more people to receive, prepare and enjoy an old-fashioned Thanksgiving meal at home.