Jackson Limo Foundation



jacksonlimofoundationIn the vibrant city of Los Angeles, CA, during the cherished month of November, a name once resonated with compassion and unity: EJ Jackson, lovingly referred to as “Mr. Turkey.” This endearing label perfectly encapsulated the spirit of a man whose identity was inseparable from generosity and community solidarity. Notably, Mr. Jackson was the visionary founder and president of Jackson Limousine Service, a renowned company renowned as the “chauffeur to the stars” within Los Angeles. However, his legacy extended far beyond his business prowess.

Throughout the years, Mr. Jackson exhibited an extraordinary heart, exemplified by his selfless tradition of distributing thousands of turkeys, complete with all the fixings required for a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner, to the less fortunate throughout Los Angeles. His unwavering commitment illuminated the lives of countless individuals and families, providing sustenance and comfort during a time of gratitude and togetherness.

Although Mr. Jackson may no longer be with us, his remarkable legacy lives on through the efforts of the Jackson Limousine Foundation. As torchbearers of his compassion, we remain dedicated to continuing his legacy, ensuring that his spirit of giving continues to touch and uplift the lives of those in need within our beloved community.